What is SEOC?

The Spanish Society of Sheep and Goat (SEOC) is a non-profit association, open to all professionals interested in these sectors, both meat production as dairy.


SEOC promotes sheep and goat research and development. It is an association opens to all vets interested in these species and was created to promote the exchange of knowledge and continuous formation of its members.


In year 1975, a group of lectures, researchers and technicians specialist in animal production set up the Spanish Society of Sheep. The Spanish Society of Sheep was born from the concern of these professionals by exchanging knowledge, promoting research, and above all, transfer the latest developments on this species to rural areas through its technicians.

In the IX Conference (1984), the field of action of the Society was expanded into the study of Caprine species, being the Conference held in Granada and Malaga the first that had the name with which we know it today: Spanish Society of Sheep and Goat (SEOC).

The SEOC annually celebrates its scientific conference with itinerant character, so throughout its years of existence has traveled much of the country and a Portuguese town. Scientific sessions have always had a national echo very wide and since the XXII, our event acquired international character.


The aims of the association are:

· Promote the study and research of everything related to sheep and goats, covering, by extension, the wild species of ruminants.

· Organize periodic meetings in order to exchange knowledge and experiences.

· Collaborating with all the institutions or organizations related to the sheep and goat sector requesting it.

· Inform the members about all those activities related to the world of small and wild species of ruminants.

· Transmit and disseminate these experiences and knowledge to the livestock sector, with the aim of truly materializing research and development (R&D) in this field.

The SEOC currently has more than 400 members. Our annual Conference presents over 150 communications and involved more than 400 people. Besides, SEOC organizes seminars and courses to the highest level and has an own magazine for disclosure of the latest scientific advances.

The proceedings of our conferences can be found on our website and all the abstracts are translated into English.

If you have any request please contact us:

· Mª Jesús Alcalde: President of the SEOC: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

· Delia Lacasta: Member for international relations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.